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The New Orleans Pelicans want to avoid beginning the Orlando restart with two consecutive losses

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Who will step up to the plate against the All-NBA tandem of Kawhi and Paul George?

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Another blown victory, but what’s the deal with Zion?


Geaux Pels!!!


It’s game day! We made it!!

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What did we learn? 5 scrimmage takeaways as the Pelicans prepare for the NBA restart

The games won’t count towards New Orleans final record — but there’s been plenty to take away from the Pelicans’ performance on the Disney campus.

Pelicans shine in final Orlando tune-up, crush Bucks behind JJ Redick’s 20-point third-quarter outburst

Is New Orleans peaking just at the right time before the start of the eight seeding games?


Game Thread: Last scrimmage before the real thing for Pelicans as they battle Bucks

Brandon Ingram vs Giannis Antetokounmpo!


New Orleans looks to finish with a perfect 8-0 record in exhibition contests this season.

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Both the NBA and MLB are back! What if we infused New Orleans and baseball? What would a lineup look like??


The regulars played very little, but that didn’t affect the outcome. New Orleans improves to 2-0 in Orlando scrimmage action.

Game Thread: New Orleans Pelicans vs Denver Nuggets to present interesting size matchups in starting lineups

Ready for the Davids vs Goliaths scrimmage?

NBA Preview: Derrick Favors to make scrimmage debut in Pelicans-Nuggets matchup

The second tune-up takes place tonight

Zion Williamson returns to NBA Orlando campus, appears on track for Pelicans opener against Jazz

If the league approves the four-day quarantine, New Orleans should be at full squadron against Utah

Should the New Orleans Pelicans already have NBA championship aspirations?

A deep dive into how close Zion Williamson and company are to contending for a title

2021 NBA Executive of the Year: David Griffin deserves fair amount of recognition for putting Pelicans on enviable path

Since assuming the helm, Griff’s made a series of smart decisions that indicate a bright future in New Orleans

Brandon Ingram and New Orleans Pelicans coast to easy 99-68 victory over Brooklyn Nets

Plenty of things to smile about after the Pels’ first scrimmage


Veterans like Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Jrue Holiday will receive limited run

New Orleans Pelicans divulge positive news regarding Zion Williamson’s potential return

There’s no timetable yet, but today’s announcement gives rise to plenty of hope

NBA Preview: New Orleans Pelicans kick off scrimmage schedule against Brooklyn Nets

Zion Williamson remains out, but we’ll get our first look at the rest of the team for the first time since March 8th


This isn’t complicated. Jrue remains of the league’s best stoppers. Reward the man!

New Orleans Pelicans will fight, so no matter the results, Orlando restart should benefit team in the long run

With or without Zion Williamson, the upcoming experience is going to pay dividends.

Brandon Ingram should be the frontrunner for the 2021 NBA Most Improved Player Award

He’s the only player ever to do 24.3 points with 6.3 rebounds and 4.3 assists while shooting 38.7 percent from three within his first four seasons

Brandon Ingram is not the 47th best player in the bubble, despite what ESPN says

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He does hope to rejoin the team at a later date

Jrue and Lauren Holiday pledge to donate $5.3 million to combat systemic racism as well as social and economic inequality

There are few stories of greater generosity!

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Zion Williamson, Alvin Gentry, the entire team believes in their 22-year-old point guard

The New Orleans Pelicans won’t pick up where they left off — they’ll be better

There’s plenty of reason to believe the Pels will look stronger in Orlando than prior to the coronavirus shutdown

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What if NBA teams got to add one Disney character to their roster?

We drafted a Disney character for each NBA team in the bubble.

NBA bubble will present unprecedented challenges, but Pelicans hope to treat it as another hurdle to climb in a season full of them

New Orleans has an experienced quartet of veterans. But will that be enough?

Deep dive into Sindarius Thornwell: Familiarity and defense make him smart addition for the New Orleans Pelicans

Rio Grande Valley Vipers assistant coach and former head video coordinator to the Houston Rockets breaks down Sindarius Thornwell’s game


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